Watch This Space... / by Simone Brewster

Welcome to my blog!
Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to pop in and have a look at what I'm doing. I hope that what you find here in the days and weeks to come is of interest you. As I'm just getting started I think it's best to let you know what you can find here. 

Well as someone not just interested but active in architectural design, jewellery and object design, these will the foundation of most of what will be posted here. However, art, sculpture and film are also strong inspirations for my work. I will be sharing with you how the visual and written word, filter through me and into my work. 

The image above is from a series of drawings I am doing to support a collection of jewellery I will be launching in London Design Festival, September 2014, in the Crafts Council Space. I hope you enjoy seeing the development of these drawings into three dimensional, objects.