Love From Istanbul / by Simone Brewster

Hello everyone I am in rainy Istanbul right now and of course all I can think about is the tropics. I am teaching a short course in IMA (Istanbul Moda Academisi, the equivalent of a London College of Fashion) on the topic of Portfolio Design and Presentation. This is a topic I know very well and have been teaching for the last 5 years. It's funny how many people have amazing pieces of work and no idea how to show it. Great ideas are not made in one step, but many and the process itself is like a journey. Sometimes good, sometimes bad, normally difficult and usually worth it in the end. 

This also made me realise how little of my process I actually share with you! The people taking the time out to read this post. I thought it would be great that in the build up to this years London Design Festival, I will keep you updated on the creative process behind the show I will be presenting (which is set to be a stunner).

As with all creative processes we start with gathering inspiration.... which is the same as gathering information. 

In memory of brighter days I am looking towards images that make me think of the sun and more importantly the breeze flowing through the leaves and the waves crashing on the shore of a white sand beach....

Board 1

-Poster extract Hellopanos
-Painting by Monica Ramos
-Photography by Charles Heeden
-Jewellery by Liron Kliger


Board 2

Photography-  Fernand Fonssagrives

Illustration- Michelle Robinson