In Process: Texture Hunt / by Simone Brewster

Simone Brewster Blog Texture Hunt Rocks

"Little moments can have a feeling and a texture that is very real" 



I'm on a little bit of a texture hunt right now. In fact I have been since the start of the year.
I guess it was sparked by a trip up north beyond the boarder. I was lucky enough to go and visit Scotland and see a bit of that colour I don't seem to spend time in so much down here in London, what's it called again....Green! I felt far enough from my London home so that I could really appreciate the beauty in the difference from my usual built environment. On one such trip I couldn't help but admire the rocks, the patterns of the seaweed and the... sludge.

Simone Brewster Blog Texture Hunt Seaweed
Simone Brewster seaweed process

The natural forms I saw on this trip have been sitting with me for a while now and as my mind continues to return to them, I'm sure they will start to influence some of the new ideas forming and the experiments that I'm undertaking. However, part of the process is giving ideas space. So I'll probably let this one germinate for a little longer and see what grows.