Unfinished Business: 01 / by Simone Brewster

Simone Brewster unfinished business 1

Unfinished business isn't just something that happens between people, I find that I have so many ideas and simple distractions that leaving thoughts half explored and things incomplete is becoming something of a habit. 

Simone Brewster Unfinished Business Earrings 1

I found myself looking through some storage boxes and coming across a wealth of half formed ideas and good intentions. 
Instead of telling myself off for not screwing my courage to the sticking point as one Lady Macbeth once put it, I found myself strangely liberated. 

I realised I was able to return to these incomplete stories with fresh eyes, new thoughts and a burst of energy. 
Wouldn't it be nice to finish off some of these things?
Of course it would. The real question is where will this exploration into the unfinished take me? 
Stay tuned to see...