I teach how you can add and manipulate these ingredients to develop your personal way of creating 3D work that speaks of yourself and your brand


My approach is routed in my architectural background. I believe that the architectural principals of designing space can also be used as a means for mastering the design of three dimensional objects. These ingredients provide a foundation into understanding, manipulating and creating the spaces we inhabit and the characteristics of the artifacts which inhabit these environments. 


The work wouldn't be yourself if it didn't encompass what you love. I show how you can can apply what you love to build yourself a stronger sense of identity and a clearer stronger outcome. 


Simone Brewster has been working in education since 2008.
As an educator, she prides herself on developing the individuals personal interests and talents to enable each person to get their best results. Simone has worked as a course leader in Spatial Design, preparing mixed ability students for successful application and portfolio preparation in the fields of architecture, interior design, product design, fashion and jewellery design. 
She has established and run two courses with the study abroad department at UAL: London College of Fashion which has run successfully since 2013 and is regularly invited as a guest tutor to the MA Footwear Course at London College of Fashion.

Brewster has worked as a guest critique at the Architecture Association and a number of universities within the UK and abroad.

Simone is happy to work with individuals to aid in their development and achieve their goals,
If you would like Simone to give a talk or run a workshop, use the form below to get in touch. 
Simone is also available to consult individuals on their portfolios and design projects