Simone Brewster

My name is Simone Brewster and I'm known for making statement luxury items.

I’m a London based artist and designer. 
I've also been called a maker, a jeweller, a wood worker, a sculptor, a teacher, mentor and public speaker!
The reason I started this site was because I think it will be easier to show you what I do in bite sized bits than to tell you what I do all at once. You'll soon realise that what I do touches so many areas that the best way for you to get a feel is to follow me on my journey. 

Feel free to leave a comment, or get in touch if you have ideas for a collaboration. 

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If you would like to get in touch with Simone  about the Warhol Sofa or another piece of bespoke furniture or adornment please email


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Do you do private commissions?

Yes, please be in touch if you have any questions about objects you have seen or the possibility of bespoke objects tailored to your requirements. 


Where can I see more of your work?

The fastest way to see more of my work would be to visit my jewellery site here and my interior objects site here. 

How can I find out when your next show and new work will launch?

If you follow the facebook and twitter pages as well as the news page on this site you will be kept up to date on talks, events. You can also join our mailing list, with the form on the right.



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