Negress & Mammy

Simone Brewster Negress and Mammy bespoke furniture

The Negress Lounge and Mammy Table were first presented in London Design Festival 2010.
The form of the pieces are deconstructions of the black female body inspired by African sculpture which have been reinterpreted three dimensionally, taking references from both Primitivism and Cubism.
Each supporting element stands alone as a monument to the breast, leg and face; re-expressing them as texture, mass and material.

Material: Solid stained Tulip Wood

Simone Brewster Mammy Table bespoke sculptural furniture


Three legged side table with breast feature

Simone Brewster Negress Chaise Lounge bespoke sculptural furniture


Chaise Lounge with a breast and head feature supporting the back rest. 

Simone Brewster Negress sculptural bespoke furniture




Find out the inspiration and research which went into this project in Hidden Meanings: Negress & Mammy.