The striking aesthetic of these collars came about through an exploration process, which found Simone researching both past and future concepts of working uniform. This process which lead her to works as wide as 16th Century painter Johannes Vermeer, with Dutch women wearing white head dress for their daily work, to the contemporary photographs of Edward Burtynsky’s Manufactured Landscapes, in which he observes the daily working uniforms of those in Asian factories. 
The collars were design as part of a performative installation during Milan Furniture Fair. Enacted by a group of architects occupying an open plan environment, the collars acted as spatial isolators. Each collar narrows the field of vision, therefore forcing  their wearer to focus on solely on the task in front of them. The 15 individual handmade, white leather masks are to be worn on the head. The variations expressed between each model came about through the observation of different actions undertaking whilst working, such as taking calls, looking up whilst thinking and looking down whilst sketching.